The Importance of Improving Your Reading Skills

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Have you considered the role of reading in your personal and professional life? Even more have you ever considered the adverse effects of poor reading skills? Think about how much of a pivotal role reading plays in your everyday life.

For example: You've just been handed a brochure and manual for your company's newest and most innovative product. You can't wait to show it to your best customers! Yet you're feeling overwhelmed by having to read everything in order to properly understand the benefits of the new product.

"Overwhelmed" is the feeling most adults have when asked about reading material. It doesn't matter if it's a newsletter, magazine, or the latest marketing idea. Everyone is faced with hundreds of daily emails, business reports and other such reading demands - making reading a burden rather than a pleasure.

Why is reading such a burden? The problem of poor reading skills dates back to what you didn't learn when you were learning to read. Let me explain:

When learning to read, we are taught to read aloud - to vocalize each word as it is read. The problem is that reading education stops after learning to read out loud. The next phase of reading education should be to master silent reading skills by learning to see, read and process groups of words without vocalizing. The Reader's Edge is the solution: It quickly teaches you to read silently - more than one word at a time without vocalizing words as they are read.

Individuals who vocalize while reading limit their reading speed to the rate at which they speak (about 160-220 words per minute). However, the brain is capable of handling 10 times that number!

With The Reader's Edge, old bad habits will quickly turn into new and improved skills, assisting you in becoming more efficient in your reading, whether for professional or personal purposes.

Doesn't that sound like a goal you can't afford not to pursue?

Learning to improve your reading skills with The Reader's Edge is a short-term investment. Only 15 minutes every other day for about two weeks, will produce long-term personal and professional benefits.

Improve your reading skills with The Reader's Edge® software. Get started today



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