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Learning to improve your reading skills is not a difficult task. It's all about a common-sense strategy. To be successful in any endeavor one should do what successful people do and avoid doing what unsuccessful people do. Everyone can agree with this. How does this strategy work in the field of improving one's reading skills?

In the field of improving reading skills we know that slow readers read one word at a time and vocalize each word. Fluent readers read more than one word at a time and do not vocalize as they read. Much like eating rice, not one kernel at a time, but rather in spoonfuls, The Reader's Edge teaches how to read groups (spoonfuls) of words without vocalizing. We GUARANTEE that you will at least double your reading speed and improve your comprehension with only 15 minutes of practice every other day for a few weeks.

We have made reading groups of words an easy thing to do. Take for instance the first exercise in The Reader's Edge the "Horizontal Span" exercise. This exercise permits users to work with our Prime Words (2,100 of the most common words) presenting them onscreen for a controlled period of time, 2 to 8 words in a fashion that gets you familiar with these words. Once a user has worked with and becomes familiar with our list of Prime Words, they will know and understand 75% of all words used today in the English language. This will permit you to dramatically improve your ability to read groups of words at a time, allowing you to read two to three times faster with improved comprehension and recall.

Another great way to improve your reading skills and compliment what you will learn with The Reader's Edge is to practice reading magazines and newspapers. Why? Because the text is presented in column format, making it easier to see and read multiple words at a time, similar to the training exercises in The Reader's Edge.

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