The Key to Enhanced Reading Skills - The Vital Role of Vocabulary

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I begin this article by repeating the common sense suggestion that "To be successful in any endeavor one should do what successful people do and avoid doing what unsuccessful people do."

How does this common sense strategy relate to the vital role vocabulary plays in improving one's reading skills? Successful fluent reader's vocabulary knowledge is the core skill that enables them to read faster and better with improved recall and especially improved comprehension. Let me explain.

The importance of vocabulary knowledge can quickly be seen as the fundamental tool that enables one to read groups of words with single eye fixations. Why? Because when a word or a group of words are immediately recognizable, meaning that you know the meaning of the word or words and you do not require decoding to understand, then this imparts a unique physiological characteristic... your eyes do not fixate on known vocabulary nor require re-reading!

For example, if you read a group of words (units of meaning), e.g., at the restaurant, the eye does not fixate on at, does not fixate on the, perhaps you may fixate on restaurant if you don't know what that word means. However, when the next group of words is you will be served food, from the context of these two groups of words, you will understand that the word restaurant refers to a facility where food is served. At that point, you understand the meaning of the word and that word, restaurant, is then added to your sight vocabulary.

Research demonstrates a positive correlation between vocabulary knowledge and one's ability to successfully transition from being a Fluent Oral Reader as a child to becoming a Fluent Silent Reader (post 3rd grade) for a lifetime of effective and efficient reading.

A second positive correlation is that the amount one reads is the major contributor to building one's vocabulary. The typical daily oral language experiences in which we all participate, i.e., conversations, do not contain enough new or less frequently used words to bring about significant vocabulary growth. Only reading will enlarge your vocabulary.

Through the use of The Reader's Edge 2,100 Prime Words, users will become familiar with words that represent approximately 75% of all words in print. In The Reader's Edge Eye Exercises we use 2,100 Prime Words to construct our 2 to 8 word phrases. This dramatically facilitates teaching one to see, read and process groups of words with each eye fixation... without vocalizing.

Once you become familiar with our list of Prime Words you will dramatically improve your ability to read groups of words at a time, allowing you to read two to three times faster with improved comprehension and recall.

Remember, the more you read the more your vocabulary will grow.

You can help maintain and practice your newly learned reading skills by reading magazines and newspapers. Why? Because the text is presented in column format, making it easier to see and read more than one word at a time. Text in this format is similar to the training exercises in The Reader's Edge.

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