Cultural Literacy Tests

Cultural Literacy is about reading... in its widest sense. It is about understanding the meaning of words based on a background of common knowledge that enables one to make sense of what is read.

How does one become more culturally literate? By reading more, by reading about different subjects... when reading becomes a pleasure rather than a chore, one becomes more culturally literate... naturally. It's a simple fact that the more one reads, the more one can understand what is read, the more enjoyable reading becomes and... the more culturally literate one becomes.

To assist our users in assessing their cultural literacy, we have chosen to include cultural literacy tests created by Diane and Kathy Zahler, from their book Test Your Cultural Literacy. We think you'll enjoy these stimulating tests and will learn about yourself and the following subject areas.

Are you a professsional in a particular field and would like to work with us developing a cultural literacy test for your profession? If so, please Contact Us.

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