Network Edition

The Reader's Edge Network edition is perfect for computer labs, schools, libraries, training rooms, or any type of multiple user network environment. Users of our Network edition get the same program as our Pro Edition, plus enhanced administrative utilities that were specifically designed to help network administrators manage multiple user accounts.

The Network edition is distributed on a per seat basis. Select the number of computers that you would like to concurrently use the program. Refer to the image below to see how the Network edition handles the number of licensed seats and active users. If you have any questions about program or would like to place an order over the phone, Contact Us.

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How Many Seats Do You Need?   


2-5 Seats


6-10 Seats


11-30 Seats


31+ Seats



Network Configuration

This example shows eight (8) computers that are connected to a central server that has The Reader's Edge installed.

Simultaneous Users

This configuration allows for an unlimited number of users to be registered with the program, but only eight (8) users can be using the program at one time.

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