Enhanced Reading & Literacy Research

Our focus is to teach enhanced reading skills to individuals of all ages. Why? Because proper reading skills are not being taught in today's reading curriculums, and we live in an information-based society where people are ultimately judged on their ability to read.

To ensure The Reader's Edge® program meets the requirements for scientifically based educational programs, we are continually researching and improving the program. Below you'll find some of the areas of our current research. If you would like to know more about our ongoing research, feel free to Contact Us for more information.


Reading, Literacy & Education Statistics

A list of some amazing statistics we've found over the years. You'll discover some interesting facts about education, literacy and reading. View Research


Speed Reading Memorabilia

Read about how The Literacy Company is researching the mechanical aids of the past to help transform the enhanced speed reading methods used today. View Research


Literature Survey

The design of The Reader's Edge program started with an extensive literature survey of materials relating to the field of speed reading. View Research


Prime Word Research

You may have heard of Dolch Words, Fry Words or High-Frequency Words. We've taken their research a lot further with our Prime Words™. View Research


Literacy Related Links

Helpful websites, organizations and companies that are all helping to support reading, literacy and vocabulary education for people of all ages. View Research


Cost-Benefit Analysis

This interactive cost-benefit analysis dramatically shows the benefits corporations or individuals receive by training with The Reader's Edge software. View Research


Pioneers of Speed Reading

Many individuals have helped shape the history of speed reading. Here are a few of them along with details of their research and contribution to speed reading. View Research


Glossary of Reading Terms

This ever-growing glossary of reading terms lists vocabulary words relating to reading, enhanced reading and vocabulary education. View Research


Famous Quotes

A collection of great quotes we have collected over the years. View quotes relating to reading, literacy, education, learning and speed reading. View Research


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