Cost-Benefit Analysis

Not getting anywhere with the amount of reading you have to do? We can help you win the reading rat race.

This analysis dramatically shows the positive ROI and cost-benefits that will accrue to corporate, government and educational training operations that employ The Reader's Edge® program to improve professional staff and employee reading skills.

The following interactive worksheets will demonstrate:

  • An example of the average yearly cost to corporate and government organizations for the time their professional staff and employees spend reading.
  • The enormous cost savings that can be achieved by saving just one minute per hour over a period of one year through employing The Reader's Edge program to teach employees enhanced reading skills.
  • How to analyze the cost to your company or organization for the time your professional staff and employees spend reading.

The cost savings are due to a combination of employees' increased productivity, improved efficiency, expanded capabilities, reduction in errors and enhanced self-confidence.

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Employee Classification Average
Yearly Salary
Hrs/Day Reading
(8 hour day)
Number of
Hours/Day Reading Salary per Day Paid For Reading Salary per Year Paid For Reading
(Based on 52 weeks, 40 hours per week = 2,080 hours per year, 260 work days per year.) [Restore Defaults]
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