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The Reader's Edge is constantly improving. To keep you informed, we list the most recent changes, additions, improvements and modifications within our software application are listed below.


To update your program to the latest version, open The Reader's Edge® and select "Check for Updates" from the Help menu. If necessary, you can Login to your Account to download and install the full program.




  • Added additional exercise coach suggestions to Speed and Comprehension Tests section for users that consistently reach their Target Word-Per-Minute goal.
  • Fixed issue with My Vocabulary section not updating all known words properly.
  • Further improvements to user database update process in multiple user environments.
  • Updated RSS Master list to include a fix for an updated feed url.
  • Improved "Compact My Database" process to only notify users of update when necessary.


  • Fixed character encoding problem with import reading selection process and PDF documents.
  • Updated RSS Feeds master feed list to include additional popular reading sites.
  • Fixed highlighted text spacing issues in Say It! exercise.


  • Further improvements to the application load times.
  • Streamlined the database update process.
  • Updated coach suggestion text for the Horizontal Span exercise.
  • Improved document import process.


  • Adjusted Marquee Text exercise speed to eliminate issues with blurry text at higher speeds.
  • Improved application load times.
  • Added "Delay on linepage transitions" feature to allow users to set the pause time between lines and pages.
  • Fixed error when marking words as known in My Vocabulary section.


  • Fixed error where program was freezing on load when updating to latest version.
  • Added additional checks to detect when speech component was not properly registered.


  • Redesigned both of the Warm Up exercises to be more game like.
  • Added Marquee Text exercise.
  • Added Highlight Text exercise.
  • Introduction of "My Vocabulary" and "Word Analysis" features.
  • Created "My Preferences" section to better manage program settings.
  • Added ability for users to submit usage reports.


  • Added "ID" option to Network edition to help administrators better associate students with Student Names
  • Display Prime Words Perentage and Number of Unique Prime Words used in selection.
  • Improved Audio Readings sentence boundary detection so it doesn't stop sentences on words like (Mr., St., Mrs., etc).
  • Added Scroll Bar to Speed & Comprehension Tests section to make it easier to scroll through a selection.
  • Added "email report" option to Progress Reports.


  • Added "My Progress" section to give users quick access to Lesson Plan and Target Word-Per-Minute reading rate.
  • Fixed bug in RSS News Feeds when deleting multiple RSS feeds.


  • Unicode Text Support: Allow users to quickly practice with imported selections in any language, including English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic and more.
  • Built-in Lesson Plan management. This new features allows users to quickly view, practice and mark practice lessons as complete.
  • Reading Selections List: Allows users to quickly filter reading material by category, title, author, readability, rating and number of words.
  • Added ability to mark comprehension tests as completed.
  • Improvements to the Reading Selections and Comprehension Test import process to allow for quicker import of reading material from web and local computer.


  • Dictionary feature allows users to quickly get access to word defintions, usages examples and have the word read to them using text-to-speech software.
  • Performance updates to the Exercise Timer Settings.
  • Updates to Continuous Text exercise improving page turning accuracy.

Product Snapshot

Latest Release: Version
Published: July 20th, 2012
OS Version: Windows® Compatible
File Size: 35.5 MB

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