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All Efficient Reading workshops can be conducted, on location, in morning, afternoon, evening or weekend sessions of four hours, or a full-day.

The workshops teach Efficient Reading Skills to individuals, of all ages, and all reading levels. Customized workshops are available for elementary, middle and high schools, colleges and universities, corporations, government and the self-improvement market.

Mastering Efficient Reading skills helps everyone get more done in a shorter time. Students improve study skills, and even get better scores on standardized tests. Everyone experiences benefits from their newly learned reading skills.

Corporate Workshops for groups of 15 or more

Corporate workshops can be customized to focus on specific corporate needs by using corporate documents for training purposes.

Workshops improve staff and employee efficiency, productivity, reduction in errors and self-esteem. Limiting group size ensures participants will receive hands-on-training and 1-on-1 interaction with our certified instructors.

Efficient Reading Workshops

The workshops will teach participants how to unlearn the habits of inefficient (slow) readers and learn the habits and skills of Efficient Readers.

With your newly learned powerful efficient reading skills, reading will become a pleasure rather than a chore. As an Efficient Reader, you will read better and faster with improved comprehension, retention, and recall.

How? By learning to read more than one word at a time, without vocalizing, you will double or triple your reading rate while experiencing improved comprehension, retention, and recall.

Study Skills & Efficient Reading Skills for Middle/High School Students

Learning Efficient Reading skills is the basis of improving study skills, time management, goal setting, memorization and organizational strategies.

Combined, these new skills enhance note-taking from class and textbook, facilitating studying for tests, and getting better scores.

Preparation for SAT, ACT & Other Standardized Tests for High School & College Students

If you could read twice as fast, with improved comprehension, retention and recall, would you have a better chance at getting a better score? Of course you would!

Why? Because the common denominator of all standardized tests is that they are Timed Reading Tests. Generally, it is not the lack of knowledge about the basic subject matter. The major challenge is the lack of time to read the test and answer the questions.

Mastering Efficient Reading skills is the best way to "Prep For Test Prep." Efficient Readers will always get higher scores, no matter which standardized test they take.

Seniors and Adults Efficient Reading Workshops

It is well-known that improving reading skills enhances mental agility. A 2007 study, published in Neurology, concluded that a cognitively inactive person was 2.6 times more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease than a cognitively active person.

Visual exercises boost reasoning skills, memory and mental processing speed, and staves off mental decline in all ages, but especially important for seniors. Honing these skills bolster the mind just as exercise protects and strengthens the body.

With your newly learned reading skills, reading will become a pleasure rather than a chore. And, you will experience improved comprehension, retention, and recall.

Workshops Include
The Reader's Edge® Pro speed reading software a $149.95 value. Efficient Speed Reading For Dummies, Written by Richard Sutz CEO of The Literacy Company a $16.95 value.
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